for light.

At the very outset, there was just a burning passion for light. Now as a Group, we continuously strive, day in, day out, to wield and forge this passion into amazing lighting solutions that shine out around the world. Each and every one of our brands has a unique character, from XAL to Wever & Ducré and Wästberg to the very latest addition, IQ LUX. But collectively we pursue one and the same goal: to realise the visions and concepts of our customers to the highest levels of quality and sustainability. Each brand embodies its own distinctive style, but we are all driven by our shared passion to create lighting that really shines out.

Light + Building

XAL Group at Light + Building
March 03 - March 08, Hall 5.1 / Booth B50

Four brands, one mission: a passion for light. At this year’s Light + Building, we invite you to experience the different lighting worlds of XAL, Wever & Ducré, Wästberg and IQ LUX up-close. As every pioneering idea needs space to be realised, we are presenting our brands against a reduced backdrop in which anything is possible. Discover limitless product innovations, exciting lighting that makes life more beautiful and easier, design classics, and customised luminaires made from sustainable materials – this year together at one booth in hall 5.1, number B50.

Incidentally, our trade fair booth has also been designed with sustainability in mind and will subsequently have a second life. How exactly does that work? See for yourself and visit us at Light + Building.


For even more light up-close, come to our showroom at Europa-Allee 18, between the 3rd and 8th of March, from 9 am. We look forward to your visit.


Lighting without limits

Born of the passion of Andreas Hierzer, 35 years ago, XAL works in close collaboration with architects, designers and planners to create individual luminaires and lighting systems at the cutting edge of technology. And always with a single aim: to rise to the challenges of technical feasibility and create designs that are truly visionary. At the heart of our passion, the desire to overcome the seemingly impossible inspires and drives XAL every day. From the first spark of an idea to the shining light of innovation: our path breaks boundaries and crosses borders.

XAL Headquarter
Auer-Welsbach-Gasse 36
8055 Graz, Austria

Wever & Ducré
Exciting Belgian design lighting for everyone, delivered fast.


We all know it, the famous glimpse at the ceiling during which you think: “Well, everyone really does have that light.” That’s why the Belgian lighting manufacturer Wever & Ducré – founded in 1985 by Belgian Frank Deceuninck and part of the XAL Group since 2011 – strives to achieve lighting solutions that first and foremost fit the description: unique. Who inspires us in the process? People like you, who share our enthusiasm for beautiful things and attach as much importance to noble design as to high-quality workmanship. Does it sound passionate? Well, that’s what it is. After all, life is simply far too short for boring lighting.

Spinnerijstraat 99/21
8500 Kortrijk, Belgium

Our aim is to create well-being through good light.

In close collaboration with leading architects and designers, Wästberg creates long-lasting, technologically driven, economically viable and environmentally conscious lighting. Lighting that answers to fundamental human needs, both physical and emotional, and adapts to these needs as they evolve and shift. With the aim of creating well-being through beautiful light, Wästberg was founded in 2008 by Magnus Wästberg in Helsingborg, Sweden. In 2021, the brand became part of the XAL Group.

Box 5085
200 71 Malmö, Sweden

Illuminating the world to net zero


Illuminating the World to Net Zero: Since 2023, IQ LUX has embraced the mighty challenge of achieving net zero lighting, serving as the industry’s beacon of honest sustainability. With dedication to CO₂-neutral production, revolutionary engineering, and innovative technology, we are constantly exploring new horizons in material, form, and function. We consider simplicity and efficiency to be the cornerstones of resource preservation and support those who want to express their creativity through individual lighting concepts.

Auer-Welsbach-Gasse 36
8055 Graz, Austria

and in

Sustainable lighting
Today, tomorrow and in future

As a business, we perceive our role within a wider context of humanity and environment, to which we are committed – for the present day and for a future worth living. For us, corporate, social and environmental responsibility are equally important and go hand-in-hand, which is why sustainability is anchored as a basic principle of our actions at all organisational levels.


The first spark of light

The first glimmer from the Xenon Lights company was ignited by the founder and mastermind of the group, Andreas Hierzer, in a garage. At a time when halogen lighting was all the rage, he was already developing lighting solutions that broke through the barriers of technical feasibility.


International expansion

Alongside opening up subsidiaries in the USA, Germany and Switzerland, an international sales network was established. Consolidation of the brand and its distinctive visual appearance ultimately came together through participation in the world’s leading trade fair, Light + Building in Frankfurt, and Xenon Architectural Light evolved to become XAL.


Wever & Ducré joins the XAL Group

The Belgian lighting manufacturer has been synonymous with decorative lighting since the early 80s. Wever & Ducré compliments and extends the group with a range of designs for the hotel and catering sector, as well as private living spaces, that are unique and anything but boring.


Barcelona Creative Lab – where the new sparks of innovation glow

The Creative Lab in Barcelona continues the tradition of forging light and design together. The Lab is in close contact with the XAL Competence Center in Graz: two worlds that both inspire and complement each other. Openness and bold ideas beating together form the sparks that lead to new ground-breaking innovations.


The Wästberg partnership

“Well-being through beautiful light” is the watchword of our Swedish partner Wästberg. The company works closely with leading architects and designers to develop innovative, long-life and environmentally sustainable lighting, based on cost-effective production methods, which meets intrinsic human needs.


Inception of the IQ LUX brand

IQ LUX has been formed as a dynamic collective around XAL founder Andreas Hierzer: revolutionary engineering is utilised to save resources using recycled materials, to produce custom-made, 3D printed lights.